Pet Joy Spa Boutique has a state of the art facility made in your pet's interest.

First and foremost before we take your pooch in the back and proceed to give him/her the ultimate spa experience, your professional pet stylist will have a consultation with you while they examine your pooch to make sure we get it just right. We look at everything from skin condition, hair condition, eyes, ears, nails, and rectum, to insure we use the proper shampoos and tools.

Our goal is to make this experience as relaxing and ensuring for you and most importantly your furry companion.

Brush Out

Dogs are brushed from head to paws.

Ears and eyes are cleaned

Ears and tear stains are cleaned with the finest products.

Nails Clipped

Nails are gently clipped, filed, and soothed.

Soothing Bath with your choice of shampoo

Your pets stylist determines the right shampoo for your fury companion according to skin type.

All our shampoos and conditioners are eco-friendly & included in your spa visit price.

Dried and Final Brush

Dogs are fluffed and dried by hand and gently brushed .


The stylists of Pet Joy have years of experience in creative and different breed cuts. Our

Main priority is to please our clients, what we create is what you want.

Our Services

At Pet Joy we offer a complete line of services.  Here are some of our main offerings.  And if you have a special request just let us know and we will accommodate!  As a part of our grooming services we feature Kelco Shampoos and Conditioners.  We choose Kelco for our shampoos because they are natural, Ph balanced, natural, bio-degradable and leaves a fresh clean scent. Kelco conditioners are natural, organic, and biodegradable. 

To give your pet the most relaxing experience we feature quality, state of the art equipment in our grooming salon. For example we have a walk-in bath tub for large and overweight dogs. Our sanitized cages are stainless steel  This includes Pet Lift Tables and Tubs. Equally important, we feature special, calming music that help keep your pet comfortable and feeling secure.

The Pretty Pooch

Includes shampoo and conditioner, facial massage, pawdicure, ear sanitation, gland expression and hygiene.

 The Pompadour Pooch

Includes shampoo and conditioner, facial massage, barbering, pawdicure, ear sanitation, gland expression and hygiene.

The Couture Pooch

Includes shampoo and conditioner, facial massage,your choice of chic cut and style, pawdicure, ear sanitation, gland expression and hygiene.

*price on all services vary on hair condition/length/pet temperament

All of the above includes your choice of the following:

hypo-allergenic, plum white, aloe, oatmeal, medicated, tar, flea treatment, shampoos & silk, cherry or apple conditioner.

For your purry cat:

The Pretty Puss

The Pompadour Puss

A La Carte



gland expression

teeth brushing




hair color

pet massage

Non-Anesthetic Teeth Cleaning for both cats and dogs

Preventing periodontal disease is the key to providing your pet with a healthy mouth. Early routine care will help them to live longer an to enjoy eating. Our hygienist has developed a unique and safe technique to clean and polish your pet's teeth without the use of anesthesia. We have pioneered a gentle and compassionate way of embracing your loved one in the hygienists lap while removing tartar above and below the gum line.  Once the tartar has been removed the teeth are gently machine polished with tasty toothpaste which includes fluoride especially made for cats and dogs.   It takes professional and caring dental treatment to lead to a longer and happier life for you pet.